The team is dedicated to creating a stunning home for Amy and her family, one that is overflowing with character and eye-catching detail. Amy and her team are truly excited to breathe life into her vision.

Amy Matthews is an American licensed general contractor and the host of popular home improvement shows. She first appeared on the DIY Network in 2007, with Sweat Equity, where she guided and encouraged families to revamp their homes on a budget. Since then, she has gone on to host the DIY Network's Bathroom Renovations, as well as HGTV’s Renovation Raiders. With Amy’s help, homeowners learn how to make necessary repairs, tackle do-it-yourself projects, and keep costs down. A former theater teacher, Amy has been dedicated to construction and home repair since starting her career in construction in 2006. Before entering the television industry, Amy worked as a carpenter at a cabinet shop, and was then promoted to managing the renovations at Home Depot. It was there that she developed her skill as a general contractor and was later offered a chance to join DIY Network as the host of Sweat Equity and Bathroom Renovations. With a passion for problem-solving and down-to-earth advice, she is a trusted source for home improvement.

A farmhouse style home is a great choice for those wanting to capture the beauty and charm of life in the northern Midwest. This style of home is cozy and homey and a great way to experience a traditional, everyday living experience. From its coziness to its rustic charm, this style of home is sure to bring the beauty and nostalgia of the north to any home.

If you're looking for a unique and vibrant way to breathe life into an old rural area, then consider restoring those timeworn farmhouse barns and other buildings! Not only did people in years past build with excellent craftsmanship and solid construction, but with some modern upgrades, these aged buildings can become functional and beautiful parts of modern landscapes. So take a note out of Amy Matthew's book and dig out those old postcards and start dreaming about restoring your own farmstead!

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