Plan Design

Welcome to the exciting home design process. The inspiration for your home plans can come from many different idea sources. Some common sources used include model home visits, web sites such as Houzz and Pinterest, Hartman Homes vast inventory of designs, and your past living experiences. Our job at Hartman Homes is to weave all of your ideas into one cohesive design.

We start by meeting you one-on-one with our architectural designer. The designer will listen to your ideas and needs and begin to create your vision on 3D software. While this path takes time, it will ultimately give you the home that will best fit your individual lifestyle for today and years to come.


  • Site meeting with the architectural designer and a Hartman Homes Representative. After the site meeting, we move the meeting to an office setting for a discussion of home needs. The architectural designer takes notes and starts to formulate a vision of the home.
  • Within a few weeks, the first round of home design concept plans will be created and a meeting will be set. After review of the plans, any changes will be made. Depending on the number of changes, these final “tweaks” can be made and discussed via email.
  • Once final bid set of home plans are created, another meeting is set to create the Specifications Book. This will document the general specifications you would like included in your home bid.
  • Plans go to bid. At this point we send the home plans and Specification Book to vendors and subcontractors to bid.
  • Shortly after they go to bid, we will have a final construction price determined, and a final meeting is scheduled to present the price of the home to you.

Contract Signing & Paper Flow

A formal paper process, referred to as the Contract Documents, secures a legal, binding relationship between you and Hartman Homes. The completed contract consists of three parts:

  • Specification Book – The Specifications Book is a document that provides a higher level of detail of materials and labor included in your project along with design selection allowances.
  • Building Construction Agreement – This Agreement is a legal binding document containing details regarding the home price, contract terms, financing, expectations, allowance items, occupancy guidelines, warranty information, etc.
  • Construction Drawings - The house plans, also known as blueprints, are working drawings that our construction partners will actually use to construct the home.

Once the Contract Documents are executed, we are on to the next steps:

  • Financing and insurance details are covered and questions answered by the Hartman Homes accounting team.
  • A copy of the Building Construction Agreement, Specifications Book and Construction Drawings are given to the lender (if applicable). The lender then orders an appraisal and title work. The appraisal can usually take up to 14 days to be completed. Once completed your loan moves to underwriting, and your one-time close construction/term loan is approved.
  • Well, septic and building permits are applied for by Hartman Homes with the perspective city or county.
  • A date is set for the lot and construction loan closing.
  • First appointment with the designer is set and outline is delivered.
  • Plans are then distributed to our construction partners to start production.