Hartman Homes understands that building your custom dream home may seem like an overwhelming process. Interior design is an integral part of making a home look and feel the way it was intended.  That is why our award-winning design team is a complementary part of every custom Hartman Home.  Our in-house designer will guide you through our selection process providing direction and support to ensure we create the home of your dreams within your budget. By offering this personalized service, we strive to make the building experience enjoyable and stress-free, while designing a home environment tailored to your tastes and preferences.  

We have samples in our office of options for your exterior and interior selections. As selections are determined, Hartman Homes will enter them into your customer portal on our online software for your future reference.

Meeting 1: Exterior Selections

Our first meeting takes place in the design studio at the Hartman Homes office. Together we will review the house plans and address any questions or changes that need to be made. We will also discuss the overall design scheme.  You will be given an outline with the information regarding showrooms you will visit on your own, which include appliances, audio/video services, and fireplace units.  In this meeting you will also make your exterior selections.

Exterior Selections Include:

  • Shingle Color
  • Siding and Trim colors
  • Window Color 
  • Stone Selection
  • Entry Door styles and hardware selection
  • Miscellaneous exterior detail material & color selections
  • Garage Door selection

Meeting 2 and 3: Plumbing and Lighting Selections

The designer will visit the showrooms together with you for these selections.  The plumbing and light fixture decisions will need to be made prior to the mechanical walk through.

Lighting Showroom

The electrician will supply an electrical layout plan in advance. Together, we will walk through the plan to establish the list of decorative fixtures we will select at the showroom.  We will work with the showroom representative to build a wish list of selections.  

Plumbing Supplier

We will visit the showroom and together select your plumbing fixtures. Fixtures include but are not limited to: bathtubs, faucets, toilets, sinks and more.  When selections are made, the plumbing supplier will forward the necessary information and fixture specifications to Hartman Homes.

Showroom Visits on Your Own:  Audio/Video, Appliances, Fireplaces


If you would prefer to have any security system, stereo-speakers or other pre-wired audio, video or electronic needs, it is important to make your audio video selections prior to the completion of your home being framed.  We will provide you contact information for our preferred vendor, and you will work with the provider directly at your convenience.


Selections for all kitchen appliances, bar area and laundry appliances are made at this visit.  We will provide you contact information for our preferred vendor, and you can visit the showroom on your own at your convenience. While the showroom is the same as the retail area, the prices for appliances are discounted for our customers. When you have completed your selections, your appliance representative will provide your selections to Hartman Homes.

Meeting 4: Millwork, Fireplace, and Review

We will kick off this meeting by reviewing our previously selected lighting and plumbing fixtures, reviewing pricing and making any necessary edits to those selections.  We will then move onto millwork details.  These include:

Casing and baseboard details Interior door styles and hardware Specialty millwork such as:

  • Beams
  • Wainscoting
  • Ceiling moldings
  • Wood ceiling finishes

Fireplaces: We will review the units that are included in your contract or that you previously selected at your showroom visit. We will discuss materials and overall design of the fireplace element. Drafting with then create drawings for us to review and finalize the designs.

  • Stone selection
  • TV location
  • General design features.

Wood species: We will have a general discussion around wood flooring and types of woods we anticipate using.

Mechanical Walk Through at Site

A mechanical rough-in walk-through meeting will be scheduled by Hartman Homes. It is critical that you are present for this meeting as all of the mechanical subcontractors, the job superintendent, and the designer will be attending. This is the last moment for input as you look at actual locations and specifics for all mechanicals. During this step, location of various items may require a slight modification and your input is required. (This is also noted in the production section.) We will walk the house with each contractor and work through all of the details in regards to thermostat locations, shower head heights, electrical switching, and any other site related topics that need to be addressed.

Meeting 5 : Cabinetry

In this session we will visit the cabinetry showroom. We will review the preliminary cabinetry drawings and make edits to them. This is a technical meeting where we will strategize storage and organization along with aesthetics. We will then tour the showroom learning about:

  • Cabinet Construction
  • Accessories and organizational tools
  • Door Styles

Meeting 6: Review

We will review updates to the cabinetry drawings and focus in on making final decisions on millwork finish, wood flooring, cabinetry finishes, and countertops in wood flooring/carpeted areas.

Meeting 7: Tile Selections

For this meeting, our designer will visit the showroom with you to make all of the tile selections.  This will include:

  • Flooring
  • Showers
  • Backsplash, if we have chosen countertops

Meeting 8: Review

This is a fun session where everything really comes to life! We will review the tile selections we have made along with the detailed drawings and pricing for approval. We will then move onto finishes in tile related areas.

  • Cabinetry colors
  • Countertops
  • Grout Selections

Meetings 9: Details

It’s all in the details with this session. We will be making some of our final decisions as we approach the finish line:

  • Cabinet Hardware
  • Bath Hardware
  • Mirrors
  • Shower Doors
  • Closet Designs

Meetings 10: Wrap Up

As we approach the finish line we will be wrapping up with color!

  • Paint
  • Carpet

General wrap up of any other open items from previous meetings

Beautiful homes flow from space to space and if designed accordingly can remain timeless. Our designer will work with you to achieve an atmosphere that reflects your taste and lifestyle. If you are in need of floor plans for furniture placement, and/or new furniture and accessories etc., window treatments or upholstery, our designer is available for an additional fee.

Changes in Selections

It is common to find a new design idea or product that you'd like to incorporate into your home throughout the design process. Any selection that varies in price from the initial contract, will be formally communicated through a “Change Order.” 

It is important that you fully understand where you are financially with allowances and change order costs so that there are no surprises along the way. The “Allowance and Change Order Summary” Schedule contains all of the contract allowances and the accumulated costs associated with them, as well as any approved change orders. An up-to-date total will assist in making decisions regarding selections, upgrades or changes. An updated schedule will be provided periodically during the process or by request.