Hartman Homes was nominated for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) “Custom Home Builder of the Year” Award. The award was presented at the 2020 International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas, NV. Although a North Carolina builder won the top honor, Hartman Homes was proud to be on the stage as one of three finalists in a very competitive competition of 37 builders from the best talent in the Nation. The award is presented to the top builders, based on innovation in the industry, design and architecture of product, and participation and giving back to the communities they work in.

Mike Hartman, President of Hartman Homes stated, “While winning the award would have been an extreme honor, we are very proud of being in the top three builders in the nation, and it certainly gives us something to strive for next year! This award is a group effort that is a compliment to all of our creative trade partners for their tireless efforts and commitment to quality. Also, to our amazing employees who have committed a good part of their lives to the Hartman Homes team. But most importantly it’s an award that goes out to our past and current customers who put their faith in Hartman Homes and allow us to create these magnificent pieces of art. Thanks to all of you!”

Hartman Homes would also like to thank Arrow Building Center for the award nomination and for being a valued partner.