Amy Matthews, television host and licensed contractor, teamed up with Hartman Homes to build her Scandinavian-inspired dream home. She began creating her dream home on a verdant farmstead in the St. Croix River Valley, three years ago and this innovative, stunning home has finally come to fruition. This 4,000+ square-foot home is a sight to behold; its impeccable combination of rustic and modern elements radiates tranquility from the outside in. Floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights fill the home with natural light, an effect enhanced by clean, modern lines and natural materials, such as traditional barn-like architecture.

The first This Old House Idea House of 2021 embraces modern architectural design and contemporary living. Dramatic clean lines, natural materials, and expansive windows combine to create a unique and inviting atmosphere.  Farmhouse details reflect the design ethos of the era, and a traditional color palette maintained throughout completes the look. This home bridges contemporary living with the timeless appeal and modern elegance of a classic farmhouse.

Amy created a fantastic plan for a 3,800 square-foot home, designed with an eye for entertainment. The 20-foot wide and 100-foot long structure takes the shape of a long, narrow, barn-like edifice. At the west end of the home is an open-plan kitchen and a large vaulted living room with a fireplace, perfect for having guests over to enjoy. On the main level, the property hosts two large 14-by-15-foot glassed-in extensions, one for a family room and one for a dining room. Upstairs are three additional bedrooms and a guest bathroom. The east end of the second floor even provides a large private suite over the garage, accessible by a beautiful glass bridge. Whether one is looking for a cozy home office, an inviting space for mealtime, or an area for physical activity, this residence provides it.

Explore this beautiful home effortlessly with This Old House magazine's 3D tour! See the craftsmanship of this home up close with just the click of a button. Be amazed at how you are able to virtually step through this house, with each room as if you are really there. With this 3D tour, you can appreciate the quality of the work and design of this home without leaving the comfort of your own home.

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